Your choice of material depends on the effect you want to achieve and how much use or abuse the stone will be subject to.

Granite: Granite is striking, functional and the most durable. These traits make granite ideal for kitchen countertops accent islands, bar tops, everyday dining tables, and many other uses.

Marble: Marble is the most elegant and lux-urious of stones. Marble’s beauty will last for generations. It is versatile enough for use throughout the home, such as fireplace facing, ornamental furnishings, walls and window sills. Marble shines best in the bath. You can use it on almost every surface, including vanities, shower walls, tub decks and flooring.

Caesarstone: CaesarStone offers numerous advantages over natural stone. Stronger, more durable, cleaner, safer, and more consistent – it’s the “Six-Million-Dollar-Man” of stone surfaces. In addition to its superior performance, CaesarStone has greater consistency than natural stone which is veined and prone to flaws