Our approach to project management starts with the very first interaction with the customer on their project, meaning with the bid request. AI Concepts assigns a project manager to each customer that will handle the project from start to finish and will be the customers direct focal point for any need related.Our project management includes technical supervision at the very early stage of finalizing the shop drawings to ensure the utmost efficiency and proper production, allocating and securing material, production planning, quality assurance, shipments, and all coordination needed.

Shop Drawings Approval

Whether it is provided by the customer or AI Concepts, we pay extra attention to this stage as this is the trigger for a successful project. During this stage, the project manager, as well as the production manager, carefully review all technical details and quantities and make sure that all requirements are within industry standards. This stage also allows us to eliminate any mistakes and discuss technical details that need to be taken into consideration and has influence on the deployment of the project.

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Material Planning & Allocating

Material needed for each project has been checked both by the project manager and the production manager. Also, using a proprietary software, each project has been scanned and calculated in order to assure the utmost efficiency and the highest material usage. All project stone pieces are scanned in order to find the most efficient layout in each slab in order to use the least amount of material for each project and to use the material in the most efficient way.

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Production Planning

AI Concepts project manager, together with our production manager, and according to the customer and project requirements plan each project production in regards to production schedule start to end, production stages if needed, shipments and container loading planning, crating planning, and etc. In most cases our production and crating is per unit type which is the most efficient way, as well as the safest way, to ship the stone tops. We also offer crating per floor and other ways of crating other than by type which may be required at the installation stage.

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Quality Assurance

AI Concepts allocates many resources for quality assurance in order to maintain and provide our customers with the highest level of quality and accuracy. Whether the project is been produced overseas or in the US, AI Concepts project manager and quality assurance manager check each shipment before it leaves our factory. At least 20% of each shipment will have AI Concepts QA sticker signed by our quality assurance manager to confirm inspection.

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AI Concepts project manager handles all coordination and shipment related issues starting from moving material to our factory prior to production start, and ending with the actual delivery of the fabricated stone to the customer warehouse or jobsite. We stay in constant contact with the customer giving updates on each stage, providing packing lists, bill of lading, arrival notice, proof of deliveries, and etc.

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